These 2 minute filler programs have been broadcast on Sky Sports, Golfing World and SuperGolf.  They are hosted by a famous golfer, commentator and wildlife guru.  Some say he can spot a scops owl at 100 paces…others say that warthogs run in terror when they spot him.  We know him as…Tony Johnstone.

As he hacks his way through the bush on an epic round of golf, we discover the animals, plants and birds Tony encounters as he plays the ultimate Open. Together with his trusty ranger, we explore the incredibly diverse and fascinating wildlife of the South African bush. Click here to view all the episodes.



Our first full length documentary film, ‘Mario & the Rude Boys’ was broadcast on Mzansi Channel (DSTV) and New Zealand Documentary channel.

It was also selected for the prestigious Encounters Documentary Film Festival in 2010, and was screened at one Canadian, and two European Film Festivals in 2011.

This gave rise to a series of programs commission by the Western Cape Department of Culture and Sport which documented their programs of leadership development in the province. Challenging hikes up Table Mountain were followed by Camp Unity, a 2 day camp designed to create self-awareness, and to provide practical tools to the young change-leaders.  On Air Media is proud to have been a part of this process. Click here to view a clip


From Apartheid to Zuma.  Stand-up comedy Africa style.

The documentary explores the future of SA comedy by tagging along with six aspiring comedians competing against each other for a chance to perform at the Nando’s International Comedy Festival.

We witness the frayed nerves, the fear of dying on stage, and finally, the sweet sound of laughter!  Cross-country interviews with the major players of today’s comedy circuit reveal the origins of SA comedy, what it looks like today and what we can expect in the future?

With Ndumiso Lindi’s city boy edge, Mel Miller’s sledgehammer approach, Kagiso Lediga’s rib-tickling anecdotes and some historical footnotes from Joe Parker, a coherent and fascinating mosaic unfolds.


FANATTIC (trailer)

An exuberant football show, by the fans, for the fans, guaranteed to crack a smile and cause a stir.

Fanattic is comedic analysis of the game, presented by an irreverent bunch of football-worshipping comedians, who take each other on in a battle of wits, put-downs and outrageously-biased claims.

A show that is serious about football, and seriously funny at the same time!

LOWER MAIN - "Jan Koekemoer"

New neighbourhood watch supremo Jan Koekemoer has arrived to clean up Lower Main Rd, Observatory. Unfortunately the locals aren’t quite on the same wavelength. Some aren’t even on the same planet.

A series that celebrates our diversity and will grow and evolve as long as there are crazy characters in South Africa. This interweaving narrative will chronicle the antics of our Lower Main characters for years to come.

They are all on a mission to clean up Lower Main, but from very different perspectives.

LOWER MAIN - "Greg LaCoste"

Meet Greg La Coste, former tennis pro and international playboy.

  • Bastard son of kosher biltong heiress Clarissa Rubinstein and French billionaire playboy Henri LaCoste.
  • Got caught in a compromising position with Anneline Kriel, Freddie Mercury and a baby crocodile at the Valley of the Waves.
  • Invested heavily in Betamax, Enron, Lehman Brothers and Band Gadaffi. Confidante of Bernie Madoff.  May have incurred some losses.
  • Upon waking up from a month of debauchery he finds that he has spent the last of his money buying a seedy strip club on Lower Main.
  • Decides to turn The Pussycat Gentleman’s Lounge in The LaCoste Luxury Safari Lodge and Sports Resort. Just needs to borrow the Big Five, convert a putt-putt course into an 18 hole championship course, and persuade the ladies to stop selling lap dances.